More Space on desk.

More Fun at Work.

After you have shifted through the busy office traffic to your desk, the only thing you need, besides your morning coffee, is your own space to get work organized and done. A virtually invisible B Series barely occupies your desk, ensuring room for your creativity and productivity. You feel ready for the day now.
Your Best Work Pal
You show off your brilliant ideas to the management with your smart phone-sized P Series that can connect to a personal screen and projector simultaneously. Later on, you make sure taking the pico out for a client meeting so you can turn a display into a PC and run presentations anytime, anywhere.
Silence Starts with a C
After a long day of work, talking to colleagues and clients, you shuffle through the rush hour traffic and find your way home. Being pounded with noise during the day, all you want is tranquility with a bit of soft mood music. The silent C Series is the perfect sanctuary for your mind.

Alt-tab Between

Gaming and Working

The evening is a good time for you to catch up on the latest dramas, surf the web for a good laugh and manage your multimedia library...You’ve got a lot on your plate but M Series will not be overwhelmed. The Mini PC provides a platform of future fast technologies to enable you to make the most of your time.
It’s Gaming Time!
When it comes to unparalleled fun, you have all your bases covered with the E Series. Now youhave a blast playing AAA or VR games in full blown HD graphics on the big screen, from the comfort of your couch.You embark on your gaming marathon while the gaming system stays whisper quiet and cool.

Indulge yourself in

the Virtual Reality

It’s your day off and you enjoy the unstoppable freedom that life should be. With the VR GO backpack, you fully immerse yourself in the virtual world while there is no holding back by cables. Strap yourself in for a wild ride with games, movies, or even adventures from unimaginable places.
ZBOX MI545 nano
ZBOX PI221 pico
  • The ZOTAC VR GO has the advantage that it can last a bit longer and also offers the possibility to charge one while playing with the other battery.

    hardwareluxx.de, FEB 2017
  • Ever since ZOTAC produced their gaming series of mini PCs with onboard GeForce graphics card, I fell in love immediately… the Magnus EN1070K has more performance than most of the gaming rigs out there, seriously.

    funkykit, MAY 2017
  • All in all, theZOTAC ZBOX PI221 is a well-built HDMI stick that allows you to carry a complete computer in your pocket, with access to the entire catalog of x86 programs for Windows 10 taking into account the limitations of such compact and spruce hardware with a passive system that makes it completely silent.

    Geeknetic, APR 2017
  • The ZOTAC MAGNUS EN1070 you can describe without a conscience as a full-fledged gaming PC. In particular the GTX 1070 leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the great performance, the ZOTAC MAGNUS EN1070 can be given our Editor Recommended Award.

    Toms Hardware, FEB 2017
  • ZOTAC’s C Series with the trademark of completely noiseless because passive cooling is in the power class with potent Skylake Core i5 processor remains unique.

    Computer Base, SEP 2016
  • The affordable price and the ZOTAC’s compact form factor, will make them strong choices for anyone on a tight budget.

    Hardwarezone.sg, DEC 2016

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